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3 Steps to follow for Face Swap

Select Photo

Choose an image from our collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, Korean actors/actresses, or divine gods/goddesses.

Upload Your Image

Upload a clear photo of the face you want to swap onto the selected image.

Share Your Imagination

Share your face-swapped creation on social media or download it for personal use.

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Convenience - Do it By Yourself

There was a time when you had to ask a professional artist to make a painting of you. It was a long process, requiring you to go to an art studio and sit in front of the artist for hours. The result didn't always live up to the idea in your head. In this AI age, you can get an oil painting or a photorealistic portrait in seconds by yourself. No art skills are required to use our AI portrait generator online. It's a revolutionary application that taps into your creativity to create visually appealing portraits. It's convenient, as you can make as many portraits as possible whenever you need them. This application suits everyone, from individuals looking for innovative ideas to content creators who want to retain their audience through unique portraits. Once you make impressive portraits, show your friends to get their feedback. With this innovative AI app, you can now be as artistic as you've always dreamt of, cost-effectively.

Character Design - Visualize Characters for Your Project

Create custom portraits for characters in your content. Our portrait maker AI app can create unique visuals for comics, animations, and other creative works. Use it to visualize characters for your next book or film. Add a few text prompts explaining the character concept, and you'll have a visual of your character in seconds. Test your character concepts this way, as it's more cost-effective than hiring an artist while at the idea generation stage. It becomes easier to approach a visual artist when you have an outline of the character's features in a line drawing, cartoon, or any other style. The user interface of this app is uncomplicated, allowing you to type the text prompts and select image styles fast. Further, you can create portraits for as many characters as you need.

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Transform - Turn Selfies into Portraits

Replace your profile pictures with striking portraits made using our portrait maker online. Substitute traditional selfies for an ageless AI-powered representation that maintains the outline and physical features of the original image. It captures the fine details of your selfie and allows you to make adjustments and enhancements to the portrait generated. Our portrait maker application can turn your selfie into an anime character, avatar, or famous cartoon character. As such, there are endless ways to transform your selfies, from illustration to oil painting and fantasy. You can make as many portraits as you need, which allows you to change your profile picture often and implement different ideas across your accounts. Stand out from other content creators using eye-catching AI images and avatars that spice up your profile picture. When you create new ones consistently, you'll keep your fans engaged.

Creativity - Turn Text Into Portraits

Our AI portrait maker application creates images from text prompts, allowing you to bring out ideas if you lack drawing skills to sketch those images. It turns your idea into a realistic portrait in seconds. The text prompt can include descriptive words explaining the skin tone, hairstyle, gender, and age of the person in the image. Such versatility is excellent for gamers and content creators who prefer avatars to selfies. Use as many words in your prompts as necessary to describe the image you want to generate, and our AI portrait generator will give you a professional portrait. Once you provide such descriptions, our AI portrait will do the rest. It analyzes the prompts and designs a realistic image depicting your idea.

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About the Metapix Portrait Maker AI App

The Metapix portrait maker generates realistic images from selfies and text prompts. It’s easy to use and has many portrait styles, from avatars to cartoon characters.

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How to Use Our Portrait Maker Online

  • Upload Your Photo: Upload a selfie to generate a portrait. It should be a selfie with a large face area to create the best AI portrait. Use one where you're not wearing glasses. Alternatively, insert text prompts to create a new AI portrait.
  • Create a New Portrait: Explore the styles available, from avatars to anime, illustrations, and cartoons. Choose a portrait style suited to the image you want to generate and where you'll use it.
  • Download the AI Portrait: Download the new image in a format suitable for the platform you'll share it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s an AI-powered tool for generating portrait pictures for individuals and content creators. You have limitless portrait styles, ranging from anime to photorealism and fantasy.

Yes, you can. Choose a portrait style suitable for a professional photo, and our portrait maker AI app will generate a high-quality image.

The Metapix portrait maker AI app stands out for its portrait generation modes, styles, and portrait quality. You can use text prompts or upload a selfie to transform into an AI portrait.

What Our Users Say

This app is user-friendly and intuitive and it has so many better options to satisfy most photo editing needs. Overall it worth using metapix. Good work

Nitya Priyadharshini User

This app is really amazing. You can edit your pictures according to your preferences. They have verities of filters listed which are really good.

Trupti Kumari User

Even if you are beginner, these beauty apps can teach you to master the art of styling your hair and achieving that flawless gorgeous makeover.

Aditya Vardhan User