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Use Metapix face swap app tool to become a Hollywood celebrity

3 Steps to follow for Face Swap

Select Photo

Choose an image from our collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, Korean actors/actresses, or divine gods/goddesses.

Upload Your Image

Upload a clear photo of the face you want to swap onto the selected image.

Share Your Imagination

Share your face-swapped creation on social media or download it for personal use.

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Effortlessly Design Custom Instagram Story creator

Metapix AI's Story Maker allows you to effortlessly design custom Instagram stories that stand out from the crowd. With a wide range of templates, you can choose the perfect layout to suit your content and brand aesthetic. Whether you prefer minimalist designs, vibrant colors, or elegant styles, our templates cater to diverse preferences. Customize your stories by adding text, stickers, filters, and effects to make them truly your own. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to create visually appealing stories without any design expertise.

Unleash Your Creativity with AI-Powered instagram story editor app

With Metapix AI's powerful editing features, you can unleash your creativity and elevate your Instagram stories. Our AI technology understands the intricacies of visual elements, allowing you to modify facial features, hairstyles, and other details of the profile pictures within your stories. This unique capability enables you to create engaging and personalized narratives that resonate with your audience. Whether you want to enhance a profile picture, adjust the background, or add artistic effects, our AI-powered editing tools make it possible with just a few clicks.

Use Metapix face swap app tool to become a Hollywood celebrity
Metapix's FREE Face Swap AI photo editor

Access a Variety of Instagram Story Templates

Metapix AI's Story Maker offers a diverse collection of Instagram story templates to inspire your creativity. Whether you're looking for templates for travel stories, food blogging, fashion, or promotions, we have you covered. Our templates are designed to be versatile and customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs. You can modify colors, fonts, and layout elements to match your branding or personal style. Explore our wide range of templates and unleash your imagination to create Instagram stories that leave a lasting impact.

Seamlessly Share Your Masterpieces

Once you've crafted your Instagram stories using Metapix AI's Story Maker, sharing them with your audience is seamless. Download your creations in high-resolution formats optimized for Instagram, ensuring your stories look stunning on any device. Share them directly from the app or schedule them for future posting using social media management tools. With Metapix AI's Story Maker, you can effortlessly create and share captivating Instagram stories that captivate and engage your followers.

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About Metapix Instagram Post

Metapix AI's Instagram Post feature revolutionizes the way you create Instagram stories. By utilizing advanced AI technology, you can personalize and enhance your stories with custom profile pictures that reflect your desired appearance. Whether you want to showcase different hairstyles, facial features, or visual styles, Metapix AI empowers you to create Instagram stories that truly represent your unique identity.

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How To create instagram stories online using metapix AI tool?

  • Install metapix app : To access the editing tools in Metapix, you would need to first download and open the Metapix photo and video editor software.
  • Upload Photo: Upon opening the software, you'll find intuitive drag-and-drop tools, advanced editing features, and AI capabilities for realistic avatars and stunning edits.
  • Customize and Save: From there, you can select the tool you want to use, such as adjust image clarity, cropping, resizing, or adding a watercolor effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can use your own images for Metapix Instagram Stories profile pictures. While Metapix AI offers a variety of unique and customised profile photographs, you can also upload your own images to further personalise your story. This enables you to incorporate your own photographs or brand visuals into your Instagram stories.

Metapix AI’s AI-powered editing analyses and modifies the appearance of profile photographs within your Instagram Stories using powerful algorithms. The AI technology recognises various face traits, hairstyles, and other visual components, allowing you to easily make adjustments and enhancements. This feature enables you to construct one-of-a-kind and personalised narratives that will appeal to your target audience.

Absolutely! Metapix AI has a range of Instagram Story templates that you may totally customise to your liking. Colours, fonts, layout components, and other features can be changed to match your brand identity or personal style. The templates serve as a starting point, allowing you to customise them and create visually attractive and unified stories that reflect your unique personality.

What Our Users Say

This app is user-friendly and intuitive and it has so many better options to satisfy most photo editing needs. Overall it worth using metapix. Good work

Nitya Priyadharshini User

This app is really amazing. You can edit your pictures according to your preferences. They have verities of filters listed which are really good.

Trupti Kumari User

Even if you are beginner, these beauty apps can teach you to master the art of styling your hair and achieving that flawless gorgeous makeover.

Aditya Vardhan User